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A Consultation with Dr. Zoellner and the Vectra 3D Software lets you:


  • Use a 3D image of your own body
  • "Try on" different size implants
  • See the results from
  • different angles
  • .
  • Select the implant that's
  • best for you


Post Gastric Bypass

Post Gastric bypass surgery can make a remarkable difference for people who have difficulty losing weight in the traditional ways. However, after marked weight loss, many are bothered by loose and sagging skin, especially of the stomach, arms and thighs, and other areas such as face and breasts can also be of concern. Often these areas cannot be addressed through exercise, and the individual is left feeling discouraged, when they should be feeling exhilarated by the incredible changes in their body. Dr. Zoellner can help these special individuals take the next step in feeling wonderful about their new bodies. Known for his surgical artistry and attention to safety, Dr. Zoellner’s body contouring and facial rejuvenation techniques will bring a renewed sense of satisfaction in this final step of the weight loss journey.


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